Sponsorship Opportunities

All general sponsorship opportunities for IPC APEX EXPO may be purchased on this page. You may submit this form again if you want to add additional items at a later date. Find the Artwork Specifications here.

All items are due November 23, 2021 unless otherwise noted.

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Onsite and Online

   Premier Sponsor
$25,000 IPC Member $31,250 Nonmember
   Supporting Sponsor
$5,000 IPC Member $6,250 Nonmember


$2,800 IPC Member $3,500 Nonmember
   Note Pads: $3,500 IPC Member $4,375 Nonmember
   Attendee Lanyards:
$12,500 IPC Member $15,625 Nonmember
   Reusable Water Bottles (exhibitor provided):
$2,800 IPC Member $3,500 Nonmember
   Face Masks (exhibitor provided):
$2,800 IPC Member $3,500 Nonmember
   Hand Sanitizer (exhibitor provided):
$2,800 IPC Member $3,500 Nonmember
   Hand Sanitizer Kiosks:
$5,000 IPC Member $6,250 Nonmember
   SOLD  Show Bags (exhibitor provided):
    Purchased by Kyzen
$2,800 IPC Member $3,500 Nonmember
   Conference Refreshment Breaks:
       Three-Day Exclusive
$3,500 IPC Member $4,375 Nonmember

IPC APEX EXPO Special Event Sponsorships

   Opening Keynote Sponsorship:
$10,000 IPC Member $12,500 Nonmember
   Event Luncheon Sponsorship:
$5,000 IPC Member $6,250 Nonmember
   Newcomers Networking Reception Sponsorship:
$3,500 IPC Member $4,375 Nonmember
   Passport to Prizes:
$1,000 IPC Member $1,250 Nonmember

Agency Information

Artwork/graphics for these items will come from my agency:  Pen Artwork
 Lanyard Artwork
 Show Bags (exhibitor provided)
 Coffee Break Artwork
Agency Contact Information:



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Make check payable to IPC and mail to the lock box address below:
3491 Eagle Way
Chicago, IL 60678-1349
Include your company name and reference IPC APEX EXPO 2022 Sponsorships
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Wire Routing Number/ABA: 021000021
Bank Name: JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.
City, State: New York, New York
Account Number: 18231861
Title of Account Number: IPC
International Wire Transfers
Wire Routing Number/ABA: 021000021
Bank Name: JP Morgan Chase, N.A.
City State: New York, New York
Account Number: 18231861
Title of Account Number : IPC
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