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All advertising and sponsorship opportunities for IPC APEX EXPO may be purchased on this page. You may submit this form again if you want to add additional items at a later date. Find the Artwork Specifications here.

All items are due November 30, 2018 unless otherwise noted.

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On-site Advertising—Show Directory and Pocket Guide

   Full-Page, Run of the Book: $1,200 IPC Member $1,500 Nonmember
Number of pages:
   Half-Page, Run of Book: $700 IPC Member $900 Nonmember
Number of pages:
  SOLD Inside Front Cover:
Purchased by KYZEN
$2,000 IPC Member $2,500 Nonmember
  SOLD Inside Back Cover:
Purchased by MIRTEC Corp.
$2,000 IPC Member $2,500 Nonmember
  SOLD Outside Back Cover:
Purchased by ZESTRON
$4,000 IPC Member $5,200 Nonmember
   Two-Page Spread, Run of Book: $1,600 IPC Member $2,000 Nonmember
   Additional Directory Listings: $1,000 IPC Member $1,250 Nonmember
Number of Listings:
   Conference Brochure:
(Inside Front Cover):
$6,250 Nonmember $5,000 IPC Member
  SOLD Pocket Guide Advertising:
Front Cover Page (1/3 page):
Purchased by Koh Young Technology
$6,250 Nonmember $5,000 IPC Member
  SOLD Mobile Show Guide, Exclusive Advertiser:
Purchased by Zestron
$5,000 IPC Member $6,250 Nonmember

Pre-show E-mail Banner
  Due: 10 days prior to each e-mail

   E-mail #1 - August $1,200 IPC Member $1,500 Nonmember
   E-mail #2 - September $1,200 IPC Member $1,500 Nonmember
   E-mail #3 - October $1,200 IPC Member $1,500 Nonmember
   E-mail #4 - November $1,200 IPC Member $1,500 Nonmember
   E-mail #5 - December $1,200 IPC Member $1,500 Nonmember
   E-mail Banner Package
 (a banner ad on all 5 emails)
$5,000 IPC Member $6,250 Nonmember

Attendee Badge Barcode Letter – (Exclusive)

   Badge Barcode Letter: $3,500 IPC Member $4,375 Nonmember

Signage Advertising

   Advertisement Board: $1,500 IPC Member $1,875 Nonmember

New Products Corridor

   New Products Corridor: $600 IPC Member $800 Nonmember

Agency Information

Artwork/graphics for these items will come from my agency:  Show Directory Ads
 Pocket Guide Ad
 Mobile Guide Artwork
 Advertising Board Artwork
 Pre-Show Mailings Artwork
 E-mail Banner(s)
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3491 Eagle Way
Chicago, IL 60678-1349
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Account Number: 18231861
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